Oshala Farm

OshalaLocated on 113 acres in the heart of Southern Oregon’s fertile Applegate Valley, Oshala Farm is a certified organic farm that focuses on producing quality medicinal and culinary herbs. The land is a combination of forest and farm fields with about 53 acres of farm fields and 60 acres in mixed woodland. Our property has a 1906 farmhouse, a 1910 barn,  herb drying facilities, a greenhouse and several other outbuildings. There is ample outdoor recreation at our doorstep; for biking, hiking, river dips and exploring it can’t be beat.

Oshala is a growing family farm owned and operated by Jeff and Elise Higley. Building on our diverse background in sustainable agriculture, regenerative design and herbalism, we are developing our new farm to host multiple revenue streams from education to a wide number of agricultural pursuits including.  We are fairly mechanized though we practice intensive farming and combine both tractor and hand techniques throughout the property based on the specific function.

Students will learn a wide variety throughout the season. The skills learned and work to be performed will vary from beginning to end of season as outlined below:



• Seed (direct and flats, stratification)

• Cuttings

• Grafting

• Prep for transplants and seedling sales

Field Prep/Plant

• Tillage

• Transplant

• Seeding

• Season Extension Development (Greenhouse)

Chicken Care

• Daily and weekly chores relating to taking care of chickens


• Building bee boxes, constructing frames and waxing frames

• Managing spring growth

• Potential spring supplemental feeding

• Mite and pest monitoring/maintenance

Early Summer

Crop Care

• Cultivation

• Trellising

• Water delivery

• Pest monitoring/maintenance

Sales and Distribution

• Wholesale and direct sales

• Special Events


• Supering, space creating

• Mite and pest monitoring/maintenance

• Monitoring the nectar flow

Late Summer

Continue Sales

Crop Care

• Harvesting a number of types of crops

• Supplemental feeding

• Cultivation as necessary

• Water delivery

Post Production

• Drying

• Washing

• Packing

• Canning

• Making value added products

Fall/Winter Planting

• Succession planting for fall and winter harvests


• Continue adding supers as needed

• Mite and pest monitoring/maintenance


Continue Sales

Continue Harvest and Post Production


• Winter crops

• Overwintering crops for spring

• Cover cropping/ amending fallow fields for winter

• Season Extension Techniques and Implementation

Making Value Added Products


• Harvest honey

• Prepare for winter

Winter Prep for Farm

We are looking for excited and inquisitive individuals who are available as early as March until the middle of November. Students will get hands on experience everyday and will learn by working side by side with the farmer, farm manager and other mentors as well as having the opportunity to perform skills on their own as needed to run a working farm. Students are expected to work full-time. Seasonal fluctuations will happen in regards to work load, work times and time off, however we will do everything we can to provide two full days off each week. The work will be physically and mentally demanding, however the work is rewarding and there are lots of skills and knowledge to be gained.

Students will be provided with housing, some food from the farm, and ample garden space to apply their learning to growing their own food as well. Laundry, phone and Internet are available. Students will be scheduled to help with group meals once a week, community needs and community area cleaning.

We look forward to another great year with Rogue Farm Corps and inspiring and
empowering the next wave of farmers!

Jeff and Elise Higley

Oshala Farm